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| March 21, 2010 | 1 Comment

When I became pregnant I began learning everything I could on how to be the best mom possible. Of all of the things I had attempted and of all of the things I had accomplished, this was the thing I most wanted to excel at in my life.

I learned how to stimulate a baby inside the womb, safe and effective delivery methods, and what I could do to raise IQ. I delivered a healthy and vibrant baby girl without even a Tylenol. Two years later, I had a healthy baby boy completely naturally.

Today, my children and I are learning to harness the bodies intelligence, emotional IQ,  and effective problem solving.

I love to share all I know about natural child birth, caring for and nurturing families.

I am blesses to have an amazing grandmother and mom who lifted me as high as they could and showed me how to be my best.    I learned to serve, to love, and to bring out the best in others from them.

I am honored to present my beautiful family to you…my husband Greg, our daughter Jasmine, and our son Tyler.


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  1. summer says:

    Wonderful testimony! So excited about the wonderful practice of Dr. Larsen

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