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| March 21, 2010 | 1 Comment

When I look into the palm of a hand, my mind begins to download the encyclopedia of information written.  Instantly,  I assess the biggest issues and the significant points.

The words that matter the most start pouring out.  I begin to just speak and before you know it we are both in tears for what has come out.

I have many times been able to share the experience that most people have longed to put words to, the part of them that is sounding so loudly inside their subconscious but not yet visible to the conscious mind.

As a doctor of medicine and a trained scientist, I really appreciate how science is now analyzing, recording, and verifying the usefulness of palm reading.

I am a third generation  palm reader and would love to introduce you to this beautiful art.

Click here to learn more about my palmistry services and pricing.

The reading can only imporve with the quality of prints and that will improve even more if they are in color and include the back of the hands including the nails and one hand held up next to the face. Leave on the jewelry normally worn and take off the nail polish and false nails. Remember, the prints must allow me to read the fingerprints, clearly see the outline of the hands and the lines on the palm.  Also tell me whether you are left, right or mixed handed. Send this information to:

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  1. Sue Jorgenson says:

    Hello, Dr. Larsen!

    I’m Sue Jorgenson, Program Director at Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim. I heard about you through Bodhi Tree’s newsletter, and I am interested in booking you for a palmistry workshop at LLF. We haven’t had a good palmistry teacher in quite some time and people have asked for such workshops. Please contact me if you’re interested in doing this.

    Thank you,

    Sue Jorgenson

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