Highlights from Dr. Sarah’s Women’s Forum at Agape’s Wellness Festival

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Dr. Sarah hosted a Women’s Forum as part of the Agape International Spiritual Center’s Global Wellness Festival held on September 11, 2010.  It was a beautiful day and a great line up of healers and experts that shared from the heart.

Agape Wellness Festival

List of speakers for the Women’s Forum in the Agape Sanctuary:

10 am Dr. Sharyn Wynters, ND – A Family Guide to Thrive in a Toxic World
10:30 Mica Monet – Angel Channeling & Healing
11 am Jason Nelson – Prenatal Preparations
11:30 Tony Camacho – Founder of The Gateway
12:00 Dr. Doug Lehrer – Energy Medicine
12:30 Dr Ray Doktor – Cultivating Healing Feminine Energy
1:00 pm Shai Rotem – Healing Sexuality
1:30 Heather Salmon – Spiritual Midwife to the New Earth
2-3pm Dr. Robert Cassar – Healthy and Flexible. Food Expert
3pm Debbie Merrill – Raw Truth: Fountain of Youth
3:30pm Isabella Stoloff – The Art of Personal Empowerment
4pm Dr Janet Orion – Natural Medicine Women, On the Verge of Greatness
4:30 Dr. Sarah Larsen, MD – Organic Health Process

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