1: How to Be a Miracle Maker: Acceptance, Let Go and Forgive, Follow Your Bliss

Dr. Sarah Larsen and Greg Larsen, hosts of the Miracle Makers’ Podcast, share how to be a miracle maker and live your life with purpose – to follow your bliss!

Along with leading experts in the fields of self-help, personal growth, relationships, business and entrepreneurship, and spirituality, join them for this weekly live broadcast on UBN Radio/TV at 1pm pacific time every Friday.

Greg Larsen, Dr Sarah Larsen, Miracle Makers
Greg and Sarah Larsen – Egypt 2015!


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Change! Change is the only constant in our ever rapidly changing world! How are you keeping up? Are you at the forefront of all the changes in your life or are you being dragged along kicking and screaming? Miracle Makers is about embracing and igniting the miraculous, magical, and mysterious nature of our universe so we can navigate the changes in our lives consciously, fully expressed, guided by our hearts, and utilizing the law of attraction! Join Dr. Sarah Larsen and co-host Greg Larsen as they offer relationship advice and explore how happiness, confidence, motivation, and forgiveness can powerfully shape our journey toward a life of success, fulfillment, and contribution.

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