27: Ira Israel – A Beginner’s Guide to Happiness

Are you feeling anxious, depressed, or unhappy and looking for highly effective tools to bring greater meaning, passion, and happiness into your life?

Please join your hosts of the Miracle Makers Podcast and special guest Ira Israel of IraIsrael.com and creator of A Beginner’s Guide to Happiness as they discuss how following your heart, sharing your gifts and giving back, and healing the wounds of your past can support you in living a happier and more miraculous life!

We all want to be happy, feel understood, be able to focus our energies and talents to the highest potential, and want to matter in other people’s lives. ~ Ira Israel

Ira Israel on the Miracle Makers Podcast
Ira Israel on the Miracle Makers Podcast

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About our Guest

Ira Israel is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Licensed Professional Counselor. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and holds graduate degrees in Psychology, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. Ira is the creator of the “Meditation Made Easy” app as well as the DVDs “A Beginner’s Guide to Happiness,” “A Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness Meditation,” “Mindfulness for Anxiety,” and “Mindfulness for Depression.” Ira leads “Cultivating Meaning and Happiness through Mindfulness and Yoga” workshops at the Esalen Institute and throughout the United States.

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On his website: www.IraIsrael.com

Ira Israel in studio on the Miracle Makers Podcast
Ira Israel in studio on the Miracle Makers Podcast

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