Sarah Larsen MD

Third Generation Palm Reader | Medical Intuitive | Medium and Channel

Co-host of CRN Network’s Divine Love Talk with Dr. Parthenia Grant

Dr. Sarah Larsen received a degree as a Medical Doctor from the Medical University of the Americas. She can be seen on TV and radio stations throughout the world on CRN network with it’s 25 million subscribers.  She has taught tens of thousands of people to heal themselves, elevate the way they think, speak, and ultimately how they live.  She has produced record-breaking results in her clients that have applied her teachings.

Dr. Sarah Larsen, created the community Personal Development for Extraordinary People and is a transformational teacher and guide who inspires and empowers you in living purposefully and powerfully. Her work transforms people’s lives very rapidly.  She is a world-class speaker, entrepreneur, artist and visionary whose work unites the world of business with essential wisdom of mind-body-spirit.

Since 1992, Dr. Larsen has searched ancient villages, remote monasteries and hidden texts to uncover their timeless secrets. Combining her discoveries with the best science of today, her medical education and research crosses the traditional boundaries of science, history, and religion offering fresh insights into ancient mysteries. She has connected our relationship to our inner and outer worlds, while sharing life-affirming message of quantum possibility.Join us in person or on the highly acclaimed media specials, interviews, seminars, books and downloads as she describes why the greatest epoch of peace, cooperation, and healing is yet to come!

Her training and areas of expertise and training include Allopathetic (Western Medicine), Ayurvedic Medicine, Epigenetics, Edgar Cayce Medicine, Gersion Therapy, Homeopathy, Energy Healing & Anthroposophic Medicine.

She is a certified master trainer and facilitator of:

Neuro Linguistics Programming, Hypnotism, Emotional Freedom Technique and Psychic Development 

She is a Transformational Teacher that is sought out throughout the world.

She offers one-on-one sessions, couples counseling and group courses, seminars, and retreats that improve and enrich people’s lives. She’s shared the stage with many of the most powerful teachers in the world including Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, and Dr. Robert Cassar to name a few.

Dr. Larsen lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and two children. She is a featured practitioner at The Gateway Portal, an ambassador for Siddha Medicine, and a member of the Agape International Spiritual Center!


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