Dream Analysis and Activation Session!

Are you ready to open to your dream or a bigger dream?

Dare to Dream big dreams; only big dreams have the power to move men’s souls.
-Marcus Aurelius

Goddess Isis Dr Sarah Larsen

Dreams have fascinated the human race for thousands of years. In ancient times, the Babylonians and Egyptians believed dreams were prophetic and held heavenly meaning.

Aristotle interpreted dreams as psychological phenomena and viewed them as the life of one’s soul while asleep.

In the middle of the 19th century, the first scientifically-based dream research took place.
It was not until Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams in 1900 that dream analysis widely developed.

His was the first established theory that incorporated dreams within the context of the helping relationship.
Jung adapted Freud’s theory, proposing that dreams do not signify repressed unconscious drives but represent expressions of creativity aimed at resolution.

Since then, other therapy models like Gestalt therapy, art therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy have used dream analysis in one fashion or another.

Many of us have projects, aspirations, goals, but we’re sorrounded by negativity all the time and we really need support.
Knowing that dreams can really come true and keeping that in mind can save the lives of many.
To tell you the truth we often forget the phrase “be careful of what you wish ’cause you might get it”.

We feel overwhelmed. But if we’re passionate enough and we never give up, dreams really come true!

Please join Dr. Sarah Larsen, host of Miracle Mondays, as she interprets your dreams and teaches you how to interpret your dreams for yourself.

She will also be teaching “dream as a verb” as learned from Marcia Wieder who has been on Oprah several times and has coached three U.S Presidents!

Dr. Larsen  will share in the session biblical, mystery school, and Edgar Cayce’s methods for interpreting dreams.Welcome to

In Person or via Skype!
A whole day dedicated to you!

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