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Organic Health

| March 21, 2010 | 0 Comments

My deepest desire is to get you to be  healthy as humanly possible.  It makes me feel so good to share what I learned  in the 3rd best Medical School in India,  years of training in complimentary medicine, and use the wisdom passed down by my grandmother.  I use living entities (organic) tools to .  I practice with what I call Organic Health.

I know western medicine is too reliant on technology. It is overly reliant on very powerful pharmaceutical drugs  with their potential for harm. I believe western medicine is very effective in many areas.  Yet, it’s very ineffective in large categories of disease that affect people.

Our body has a tremendous potential for self-regulation and for healing.  This is where Organic Health starts.  We figure out how your body self-regulates, and also remove any obstacles to it. I utilize the whole realm of lifestyle medicine meaning food habits, exercise, mental states, and simple changes to  affect health.   I utilize the whole mind-body interactions and the spiritual dimension of human health.  Nutrition, the use of dietary supplements,  use of botanicals, and wisdom from many systems of medicine,  Energy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Chinese medicine, to guide you to optimal health.   I have the conventional medical education in both Eastern and Western systems to navigate you to allow for the best results.