Miracle Makers Mastermind

Transform Your Energy Body for Success and
The Success Principles Mastermind Series

  Miracle Makers Dr Sarah Larsen
10-week Live Study Group and Mastermind
Mondays: Marina Del Rey, Ca. and Zoom
Sundays: Northridge, Ca. and Zoom

Brought to you by Dr. Sarah Larsen and the Miracle Makers

You will heal your life! You will have greater success!

This mastermind is based on the teachings of Dr. Sarah’s intuitive healing work

Discover the world’s most powerful principles guaranteed to give you everything you want out of life!

In this 10-week course, we will look closely at these two teachings and follow the principles of Napolean Hill concept of a Mastermind!

You will get a new you. You will have feelings in your body, like feeling sexy and with easy to follow steps to a healed, whole and blissful life!

Step by step. Prosperity too! Guarantee a new you!  A new life! New Abilities! Yes, free your mind and the rest will follow!

This is a group course offered by Miracle Makers! This class isn’t for everyone.

Just for those right for our community! You will have a tribe of Miracle Makers around you!

Step-by-step pathway for living your best life in a changing world. Your principles and community building secrets give you the know-how to take advantage of the opportunities all around you.

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Read About the Miracle Maker’s Experience!

“As each class goes by, it gets more exciting.  I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin with information, because it’s like A-ha moments every five seconds!”

~ Alanna

“It has helped me slow myself down, it’s helped me intuitively, emphatically so I don’t get overloaded with everybody else’s emotions.  It’s helped me filter out, which is really, really good; it’s helped me address many of my personal relationships, friendships, my interpersonal relationship with my parents, even at work where it’s slowed me down so I don’t
feel overwhelmed by everybody.”

~ Cindy

“The shift is amazing.  My eyes are wide open, my heart…wide open, the love, the acceptance, the tapping into who I am, my birth of my purpose was developed in the Mastermind.”

~ Marie

“I have been introduced to some of the most beautiful people in the world through knowing Dr. Sarah.  She just attracts people in her life that are miraculous and amazing!”

~ Mollyanne

“It’s amazing, truly amazing. And I highly recommend, come next Monday, try it out, you won’t believe.  Miracles will start to happen, things will open up, and it’s going to be wonderful! Wonderful.  Try it!”

~ Monique