Egyptian Chakra Oil & Gamal Abd’el Sami Zaki

Are you searching for a powerful tool that will help you balance your chakras so you can deeply heal, increase your capacity for greater love, open yourself to clearer vision, and experience greater performance in a state of flow?

Gamal Abd’el Sami Zaki is a 5th Generation aromatherapist and sacred oil alchemist.  His unique blend of Egyptian Chakra Oils for Healing will help you restore and balance your chakras!

Direct from his Healing Circle in Cairo, Egypt, Mr. Zaki has created a kit!

The Seven Chakras Oils for Healing includes:

Root Chakra = Red Amber

Sacral Chakra = Musk

Solar Plexus Chakra = Jasmine

Heart Chakra = Rose

Throat Chakra = Amber Kashmir

3rd Eye Chakra = Sandalwood

Crown Chakra = Lotus

Listen as Dr. Sarah interviews Gamal to discover the ancient Egyptian secrets for healing with oil and perfumes.

The Egyptian Chakra Oils comes in a complete set of 3oz bottles with all seven oils.

If these oils were purchased individually, the price would be close to $1400.

Your investment for the complete set is only $400.

Click here to own your set of Egyptian Chakra Oils

You have heard about Ancient Egypt. You may remember it was a culture renowned for its knowledge and use of cosmetics and ointments.

Cleopatra may come to your mind. She was famed for her beauty as well as her unusual beauty regimes. The ancient Egyptian god of perfume was Nefertum.

She who was also the god of healing.  Learning about the inextricable link between aroma and healing spread through many aspects of their culture.

Now you get to benefit thousands of years later.  We continue to use many of the traditions this culture discovered and practiced, including essential oils and the use of botanicals as healing agents.