Open House for New Northridge Office Location/ 2 DAYS

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  • Saturday, June 20, 2015 11:00 AM


  • The Holman Group

    9451 Corbin Ave, Suite 100, Northridge, CA (map)

  • Introducing the NEW Northridge office for Dr. Sarah Larsen.

    Join us on Saturday & Sunday, June 20th & 21st for an Open House. Bring all your love and blessings!

    Note: This is a Brand New Office. We will only be having certain events at the old “Gateway” office. Saturday: 6/20/15.

    2:00 PM onward is FREE Morning till 2 pm is paid in exchange for 9 teachers at the rate of $27 dollars, no one is turned away all welcome for morning teaching)

    After 2:00 PM Pot Luck and Satsung: Hang Out!
    Open House continues with potluck, music and free samples of:

    Siddha Medicine
    and Plasmas
    along with other great prizes and gifts for free!!!
    Gift to everyone that attends Open house 12 noon till 6 pm

    Sunday: Fathers Day there is the Annular Solar Eclipse so we will have ONE Ormus Collection: 9:00AM – 10:30AM then you can go celebrate Fathers Day or Hang Out!
    This is perfect time for 2nd day of open house we’ll stay till 12.

10:45AM 11:00AM- Music to Lift Your Heart – Jimmy B Free 11:00 AM EFT Emotional Freedom Technique- Tony Jabbour 1. Easy for everyone Energy Tapping technique- Creates Permanent Results in a short time 2. Use it to clear fears, phobias, traumatic memories, PTSD, pain, addictions and a lot more 3. Use it to program positive desired changes in your life 11:20 AM Joyous chanting: 3 chanting periods of 5” @ then 2” of silent meditation-Ginger de Paris 1. Deepen our personal relationship wh God & experience bubbles of joy! 2. Openness of our heart chakra through singing for and to God alone! 3. Deepening our concentration to reach deeper and deeper levels of devotion and BLISS! 11:40 PM Group Experience ‘Based on discoveries of well-known Dr Emoto -Mark Warnock 1. “Structure” aspect of Water 2. “Properties of water” 3. Results of first experimentations; Messages of water! 12:00 PM Hidden Kingdom – Haley Jane 1. Enter this 7 Doors 2. Be Surrendered 3. Praise 12:20 PM Music to Nurture Your Soul – Jimmy B Free 12:40 PM Psychic numerology- Amanda Bess Best 1. What is numerology? 2. Why it works – examples! 3. How to do your own and help yourself!! 1:00 PM – Egyptian Pharos Power – Dr. Sarah Larsen 1. What the Powers Are! 2. How they Work 3. Inheritance that Comes to Us Today 11:20 AM Manifesting: Personal Experiential Real Life Understandings: SwahaRon 1. Manifestation comes from the Inner Heart 2. Inner Heart Aligning with the Highest Good 3. Following the Heart Guidance when the Mind Says NO NO NO 1:40 PM Demonstration of Healing through God – Kimberly Meredith


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