Egyptian Gods – The Story of Power


Unlocking Powerful Beliefs, Images of Initiation, and Group Channeling

This group experience of Dr. Sarah’s recent trip to Egypt has 4 aims for you!

1. You will get the experience of the ultimate Egyptian adventure. 

2. You will have an intimate experience of your own from the pictures and images shared in Powerpoint and videos about the wisdom written on the temple walls.

3. Food, oils, and statues and art that are the living history in this country. (Examples: Water from Abydos – the patterns resembling the Flower of Life can be seen on one of the granite columns of the Temple of Osiris in Abydos – also water blessed in the great Pyramid, and Water activated by Sekmet! Oil used by Mary Magdalene to wash feet of Jesus). 

4. You will get a channeling for you from those that continue to communicate with me from this recent trip to Egypt.

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Egyptian Gods- The Story of Power

~Messages from the Great Pyramid
~Miraculous principles that are alive in Egypt
~Ancients left behind a legacy of manifestation in perfect alignment with the cosmic blueprint
~hear the messages from the heart of the great Sphinx

Join Dr. Sarah to discover more about the Egyptian Gods and their Story of Power!

 JUNE 7th


724 S. Spring Street, #703

Los Angles, CA 90014

1:30 pm

Egypt- outside pyramid


Few places on Earth embody the principle of the miraculous like Egypt.

 The Ancients left behind a legacy of manifestation in perfect alignment with the cosmic blueprint held deep in the heart of creation

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