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I have known Sarah for well over 10 years now. I knew her first socially as this light being who would just come smile at me before she even knew me. I always felt so beautiful around her and special and loved even before I really knew her. As time went on and she developed her business of helping so many people, I was lucky enough to be amongst those that got to work with her.

At the time, I had not found my way in the world. I was barely making any money, and, like she did for so many people, Sarah would always offer to do “energy exchanges” with me and even let me pay for sessions over the course of several months in installments.

She never seemed to worry about money and she always trusted me. Which made me feel trustworthy. Which felt wonderful 🙂

I recently took a course of hers and when she told me the cost of the class, she immediately asked if I wanted to pay in installments over the course of several months. I told her that now I am living more abundantly and can absolutely pay her up front in full and feel so so happy that I can! 🙂

I felt so proud of myself that she could tell me what she wanted and I could give it to her.

I started to tell her that I just realized that this is the first time I could offer to do that. I thanked her so much for giving me the ability to work with her when I really couldn’t afford to, so to speak. She made so much possible for me. She made me feel like so much was possible in my world. She supported me in that way until I could support myself 🙂 I am so grateful for that.

But back to Sarah, I just want to share how I feel when I’m around Sarah: I feel like everything is going to be OK. I feel like all there is is love. I feel more connected to Spirit and Purpose and Path. I feel Magic. I feel a part of her family. I feel included and connected, and I feel special, and like I make a difference.

I have never shared this with Sarah but I will put this in writing here and now, LOL: Many many times when I am faced with a difficult decision where I can feel my emotions are very heightened and I’m wanting to Although of course she is an imperfect human being, I feel that she embodies unconditional love to a degree unlike any I have heretofore witnessed in this lifetime. It often humbles me and brings a tear to my eye 🙂 do or say something that might not be in my or the other person’s highest good, I ask myself, “What would Sarah do?”

It shows me what is possible. A way of being that is possible.

And that gives me hope.

~D E

Thank you,

Dr. Sarah