How Can I Schedule a Session with Dr. Sarah?

How Can I Schedule a Session with Dr. Sarah?

To schedule a session:
424-757-4197 or hellodrsarah (@)

Are you ready to get started right now? Great!


You can schedule a session via phone or Skype or see Dr Sarah at her office if you are in Los Angeles.

The process works like this:

  • Decide if you would like a half hour or hour session
  • Pay for your session in advance by PayPal
  • Once you’ve paid you will be sent instructions for taking pictures of your hands (sample pictures here)
  • You send the photos via e-mail
  • We set up a session via phone, Skype or at her office
  • You discover the magic of your life and how to make it a reality! It’s in your hands – literally!

Reading options:

The Secrets in Your Hand (half hour)

This consultation will provide you with a complete analysis of the major lines of your palms – your Life Line, Head Line (Career/Mentality), Heart Line, and Fate Line. The shape of your hand will be accessed to reveal your Personality Profile and to get you started on understanding the key insights for your transformation.

Longer Look at The Secrets in Your Hands (Full Hour)

We will dig deeply into the secrets of your life purpose, life lesson, and relationship patterns from the hundreds of lines in your hands and fingerprints. In this session you will meet your core essence. You can use this discovery to take steps towards aligning with your own Life Purpose. Plus, we will investigate your special markings and work together to create a unique Soul Mission Statement incorporating your Life Purpose and Life Lessons.

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