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Are you ready to be mentored by your Psychic, Medical Doctor, Medium, and Strategist?

You want someone to read you and the morphogenic field around you!   You want to know  what steps to take to get the results you want.

You want to read the field of energy for yourself and others!

Imagine your whole Intelligence being available

In this note, you may have an opportunity to:

1. Understand the powerful knowing of your body’s purpose and the morphogenic field.

2. Learn the emotions of your power centers – this is based on your root chakra all the way up to the crown chakra.

Let us begin with the with the question:

Why are you here in this time or place?
Why “being stressed” is when “you are not “here”.
At when you lose, age and hurt!”

(Here meaning “you being you” in your body, receiving information, feedback in the “now” current moment sending and receiving signals (morphogenic field) around you!) Your power centers are helping you!

We can label the opposite of being here now as a competitive force. This competitive force can be labeled as procrastination.

“Pro” – a professional,

“Castration” – the state of being deprived of power, vitality, or vigor. To get yourself in the current moment:

Ask yourself about every situation: “Is this situation informing me, or affecting me?

“How can I be connected at a deeper level to what is here!”

The deeper you connect with a passion for a given field the more aware you become, and your whole intelligence becomes available!

Hi! It’s me. Dr. Sarah Larsen and I created this note for you because I love you.
I love you because I died (Near Death Experience) and know what is possible for us when we truly live.
I know what war is and I know the deepest peace, love, and joy!
I do readings for those who want their intelligence with their whole heart!

I love your whole intelligence being available to you. I want that for you
because I want you to have it all! I believe right now; you have the
opportunity to be the cutting edge of humanity. The more you live gratefully
in the current moment, the more you will “find yourself. You can use your
voice, your energy, and the morphogenic field!

The morphogenetic field means “the developmental biology.”
Biology means “the study of living organisms, divided into many
specialized fields that cover their morphology, physiology, anatomy, behavior, origin, and distribution.”

Science and research may now help us completely believe everything is a morphogenetic
field. Meaning – “responding.” It is a group of cells able to respond to discrete, localized
biochemical signals leading to the development of specific morphological structures or organs.

Many of us Scientist, Researchers and Visionaries now call all of the “space”
Morphogenic fields. Many of us Psychics, Mediums and Visionaries can read the field!

Truly, you have the opportunity to connect the center of your heart and being to your world!

If you can reach yourself and connect, you can help yourself and those you choose to help!

Ask yourself great questions!

Ask yourself in every situation:
“Is this situation informing me, or affecting me.?”

How can I be connected at a deeper level to what is here?

If it is information to you, you have power over it. If it is affecting you, there is
something within you that wants to be birthed, understood and “voiced”!

For example,

“Wow are you going to wear that outfit?” from my husband, I can use as -information to me!

“I surprised him!”

This is as opposed to:

If I said to my daughter, “Wow are you going to wear that outfit?” she might be affected by it. “Mom – I just want to be causal -is it too much?” She shows me she is by this!

Her emotions are involved rather than – both of us being conductors of energy!

If she realizes this is affecting her, then she could Birth in her inner voice: “No one’s opinion matters to me – not even mine. Wow! This is what I am wearing!”

What is understood: “My mom wants to xxx” I could ask her to clarify!

What has voiced: “Mom, what do you mean by that” or “Mom, thanks for noticing!”

Everything informs you or affects you!

Many people are very affected right now by everything happening in the world!

Rather than being informed! This being affected is leading to your “Castration” – the state of being deprived of power, vitality, or vigor.

I believe, “a few heart-whole sincere and energetic men and women can do more in a year than a mob in a century.”Swami Vivekananda

Easier ways exist is to spread the love, power, and joy in the world to more people.

Simply using the feedback system of the universe, we can do it much faster!

Your right brain is connected to everything.

The middle part of your brain is the Corpus Callosum.

When you are “informed” energy, moves easily and effortlessly between the two hemispheres and exactly where you need it to go!

When your brain is only using and listening to mostly the left side, it is harder to understand yourself. When you sit and connect with your body, you can learn to connect with your energy and develop the ability to label “feelings” your body is having!

We have intelligence in our heart. There is intelligence in all the chakras. Chakras are nerve bundles and energy centers connected to your organs inside your body!

This concept is talked about on the walls of Egypt, in ancient textbooks in India, the Essene, and the Native healers in most lands I have shared in their stories.

When you are fully in the “now spirit,” your body knows. Your body helps interpret all realities and agreements. Another way to say this is, the more you are in touch with what is happening within your body and your ability to fulfill your joy filled destiny, the more you have removed “veils of illusion”!

The veils of illusion are part of the program of our reality brought forth in the metaphoric symbology. The veils fall away as the truth is revealed. To slowly remove the veils is to raise consciousness, your frequency of thought, to come into balance and total awareness.

Some areas of your experience are stuck behind veils.

When you are telling yourself the truth and speaking that, you are actually removing veils of illusion. However, when you are telling yourself the wrong interpretation of the truth, then your inner light is affected by what you believe. Your energy gets misdirected and causes dis-ease! We believe things hurt our very nature. Then some hurt others.

(In previous notes, newsletters and classes I discussed that as children we didn’t have language, so often it was thought we were lying. Many times you learned “energy” ways of being that slows down your energy. When your energy is slowed, this created aging, a field within you or body that affects the morphogenic field.)

Veils are made up by words, spoken and unspoken agreements! When you have more words for something, you can understand and feel it better!

There are 200 words for love in Sanskrit. I believe, and I have found evidence for everything is framed around love. If you knew all the 200 words for love how deeply would you experience in both hemispheres of your brain and beyond!

There are 1 in 700 billion chances to be born you. We need to be made aware of what we are. We are not just our brain. We are our entire system. We are energy.

In Washington, DC they did an experiment where they sat and meditated. The crime rate dropped by approximately 25%. The crime rate lowered just by people meditating together!

Everything moves from the brain hemispheres you have! Right brain (energy experiencing part of your brain) to the corpus callosum (the center space from where you two brains communicate and balance your being) and moves to the left (the natural place of language in your body)!

In your body energy moves!

Strong movers of energy in your body:

It helps us understand “open” our power to heal ourself.

What promotes your power to heal:
1. Sharing forgiveness
2. To cleanse and devote yourself to the betterment of the world in a manner you truly enjoy.
3. Creative power and purpose within you take on the role of what they are meant to do.
4. Expanding and staying on purpose in exploring “being in the mystery.”!
5. Adventure travel (Psycho-geographical forces)!
6. To be fully present and to continue moving forward.
7. Bring in clarity and balance.
8. Getting an energy reading with the right person for you!

The emotions of your power centers: Your Chakra System

i.e., based on your root chakra all the way up to the crown Chakra. (See Webinar link)

Remember what can seem difficult is just a journey. It is to get you to understand there are many veils!
The journey is not necessarily difficult, or drudgery if you are mindful of your tools and your gifts! Knowing your gifts and your purpose is incredible!

Be congruent with you, your voice and your life.

Be at the experience you are having at every moment. Be aware and available with your whole self!

Your Organs are part of you! Those organs are to nerve bundles, and together they create energy in your body!
Each of those organs corresponds to a vibrational frequency that matches from the base of your spine. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, and Ultraviolet!

Understand that frequency wise you are a walking rainbow.

A rainbow, metaphorically speaking is a promise, a bridge and a manifestation of what is always present.

You can command your energy from the space of being in your power.

What you require is unique to you, and no one is here to do what you can do.

You may or may not believe that based on where your senses, chakras, and awareness to “what is!”

I would love for you to know you and how to command what you are here to do!

To fully understand you, understand that you are in a field of energy and this field connects us all!

We are united in the field and in the deepest part of us! The physicality of us is a United unit of energy.
We are the collective sum of the story that is stored in our DNA and in the collective creation.

Hold the energy to move the frequency through the system. The chakra and the energy system is all about opening your frequency.

Physically, where our thoughts go our energy flows. When you go into the “how” it goes into a non-receiving
energy. When you go into the “why” meaning the passion and your driving force., you will raise the
frequency of you, and where you go energetically and in the community.

Left brain – is all about determining how.

Right brain – energy where we nurture where attention is. The right brain is where we
experience everything and the why.

Your purpose is to connect with yourself and find out what you want.
Pay attention to what is missing in this moment and what you are not receiving and how you can become the source of it.

Masculine energy – is active energy “doing.” Feminine energy – is creative energy.

You are both!

The energy field we are in is dominated by us being the masculine energy. This means if
you want to work well in this system, get into gratitude when ever, however you possibly can.

Generate within yourself the purpose of the experience, if it doesn’t make sense,
surrender it to spirit. Find some way to surrender the experience or to love the experience.

Gratitude = Great Attitude

The more we are alive in our system, the better we are at extracting from the universe, what is good for us.
With all the radiation and environmental poisoning, if you get rooted in your energy system and
turn towards the light, you are healthy because you are a more “alive” system than what is in your energy field.

What is a great attitude? It is being “more available, productive and conductive” than the energy around you by the power of your focus!

Metaphor: What I know for sure… when you throw a rock into a pond it sends out a ripple.

You are the rock. When we took our first breath, you locked it into your physical body.

You locked in a location and you “unlock” it with every true breath of the universe.

Locked into the universe where that breath was taken at a particular time and space is one aspect of you.

You can trace your history and your family’s history in your biology, You breathed, you
locked it in, and you are available to shift and grow! Your energy field metaphorically
is the size of your rock that you throw into the pond of the larger field!

What is happening inside your body, is happening in the universe as well. Everything is light,
frequency, vibration, and friction that organized itself into a breathing biology.

Anything the universe can do, you can do. Every one of our cells, down to our atom level,
have energy rotating around it. It is moving as fast as the expansion of the Universe.
It is moving as fast on the inside, as fast as it is growing on the outside.
More of your breath is required to be here now.

When you spin with existence you self-organize! This spin is a transducer to reality!

This spin is not just when you are born. At this moment we see how the planets are
moving. Each breath is like the first breath and is a signal to the planets. The connection
to the first breath and the present moment and all living biology is connected and is informing you.

Where you are stuck is affecting you. Look at it as a possibility. There is a living universe within us.
This existing universe within us is rippling out and causing things to recreate if we allow it to.
You have the power to rewrite your story. The energy to rewrite your story is Gratitude.

Remember surrender to your breath and bring it back to love. Take pain and suffering and turn
it into gratitude -great attitude. Every moment requires your full participation.

The past is history; future is a mystery, this moment is a gift.

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You are the living Rainbow! You are the bridge by which spirit becomes matter!
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