8 Steps to Believing in Yourself

8 Steps to Believing in Yourself

The 8 steps to believing in yourself can lead you to be in a position to change your life and the lives of those counting on you to be you!


1. Set aside two hours! Gather pen, journal, and set an appointment to chat with a friend or a family member that believes in you. Set up that time within the two hours you are setting aside!

2. Begin by setting a timer and sit still for 20 minutes! Set this time aside to experience, “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM”. See how you fit into all energy. Don’t try to stop your thoughts. Just relax through all of the thoughts that come! Let yourself focus on your breath and just being still. 

3. Make a list of your past accomplishments. After the 20 minutes, begin writing out a list of your accomplishments.  It will help you begin to believe in yourself. Sit down and make a list of all of the things that you feel you have excelled at during some point in your life. Understand all of the things you have done while you are “visiting here”.  Let yourself focus on all the small and large accomplishments and write them down. Think of things you have over come! Keep focused on your strengths!

4. Talk to the friend or family who love you. Let him or her know that this is because you are open to seeing all the wonderful things about yourself! Sometimes we have difficulty seeing the best things about ourselves, but the people who really love us are able to see those things more clearly.

Try saying something like, “I am focusing on all the things I am good at being, doing and having!  Mostly, I am trying to move beyond my past and identify my skills. What do you think I am good at?”

Spend time every day with the same note book focused on the following steps:

5. Find a cause that you believe in. It may be difficult to believe in yourself if you are constantly trying to please others. Make sure that you look for causes and projects that appeal to your heart.  In your list of accomplishments and in talking to your friends find what excites you and you truly believe in.

The passion that you feel for these causes and projects will help you to work harder and see how much you can achieve.  When you partner the nature of your personality with something you believe in you become able to DO IT!  And you get to a higher fuller expression as a human being!

6. Set realistic goals. Setting realistic goals will help you to believe in yourself and your ability to accomplish things. Write your goals down.  Develop baby steps to your big goals.  Start with the big picture, plan to do quickly those things that are in line with your skills and that are easily attainable.

Ask for help in the areas you perceive as hard!

Google them and look for those that have accomplished what you are struggling with with!  Remember the big picture and ask for help with the baby steps along the way!

Don’t abandon a goal because it becomes too difficult. Remember to just focus on one baby step at a time!

7. Reflect at the end of each day in writing. Self-reflection is an important component of self-improvement. It helps you to take stock of what you are doing well and what you still need to work on. Take a few moments at the end of each day to reflect on your experiences. If you have a day where you don’t accomplish as much as you hoped you would, try to learn what you can from the situation in order to avoid repeating any mistakes you might have made. Write down what worked and compliments you received that day!

8. Be persistent. Many times we feel like giving up because failure is a possibility.  It’s perfectly natural to struggle with something you are passionate about doing. It is part of our nature.  You may begin blaming yourself for doing something wrong, give yourself permission to experiment without worrying about the consequences. Some of the most successful innovators have found that improvisation requires a sort of “playful” mindset as opposed to one that is fixated on a single goal.  Surround yourself at least once a week with people, places, or things that inspire you, open you up and relax you!