The Power That God Put Into Your Mind

God put power into your mind for very specific purposes.  Unless it is trained correctly and for the right reasons and goals, what results is described by W.Clement Stone.

He said, ‘don’t violate the laws of God or the rights of your fellow man”, it, the mind, will lead you, and the results can be potentially devastating.

Devastating. Our modern world looks as it does because the mind has not been properly trained.

Would you consider those with an untrained mind to have a monkey mind? Do you have a Monkey Mind?

When I am identifying with every thought and jumping without purpose from thought to thought, I have a monkey mind.  You may have this as well!

Monkey mind refers to the incessant chatter that goes on in your head which, if unchecked, can drive you bananas and out of control.  And those listening to it, the mind, are lead to poor behavior, compromised health and challenged relationships.

Like a restless monkey jumping from branch to branch, the monkey mind is always on the move!

Your Mind is having a lot of thoughts.

According to Dr. Bruce Davis, “When we have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, this means between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute per person. The steady flow of thinking is a thick filter between our thoughts and feelings, our head and heart.
The constant mental traffic prevents us from seeing clearly, listening deeply, and feeling our well of being.”

According to research, as many as 98 percent of your thoughts are exactly the same as we had the day before.

You are a creature of habit! Even more significant, 80 percent of your thoughts are negative until trained properly.

Thoughts are energy. Thoughts have energy. Negative thoughts create negative events. Positive thoughts create positive results. The energy of thought is either stored in physical structures or is transmitted into the universe, it never dies.


Can you imagine what you can create with all of
that energy when used for the laws of God instead of used by the “Wild untamed Monkey”?


Nowadays, there are more distractions than ever and the modern monkey mind is more like King Kong crashing through the jungle on amphetamines.


It is estimated that your brains is bombarded with seven times as much stimuli as your grandparents experienced. 


Add to this the longer working hours, the traffic jams and the rising stress levels and it is amazing we cope at all.


The good news is that, no matter how busy your mind is and how distant the prospect of finding happiness and peace is closer than ever and within your control!

Opposite of the Monkey Mind is Stillness, Focus and Power.

Everything you need for example, resourcefulness, is within you, just covered up with monkey mind chatter.


When you strip away that which is covering it up, the resources within you that will connect you to happiness, peace, and self control.
This will allow more of you to become available to God.

When you are “still” the main thing you will discover is that what you are seeking has been there all along.

“Be Still & Know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10

Be Still

In modern times is this instruction to “Be Still” called “meditation”?

Meditation has been studied and shows that it causes the pituitary gland to enhance the area associated with positive emotional experiences.

The pituitary gland is a pea-sized structure located at the base of the brain, just below the hypothalamus, to which it is attached via nerve fibers. It is part of the endocrine system and produces critical hormones, which are chemical substances that control various bodily functions.

The pituitary gland in our brain secrete endorphins that help elevate mood and have a positive effect on the whole body. It also alters brain activity

The hypothalamus is a small area in the center of the brain that has many jobs. It plays an important role in hormone production and helps to

 stimulate many important processes in the body.

When the hypothalamus is not working properly, it can cause problems in the body leading to many disorders.

To avoid many disorders in our body, mind and world, how do we tame the monkey mind?


All of this, “monkey mind’ reminds me of a story. There was a village in Costa Rica which was infested with monkeys. The monkeys were a real problem. They were not afraid of the villagers and would go into the houses looking for food and occasionally attack people.

All the villagers carried long sticks with them which they used to beat the monkeys and try to chase them away. This only annoyed the monkeys more. They tried everything.

They boarded up the doors and windows to keep the monkeys out. Sometimes they would catch one in a net and take it out of the village but they would always return looking for food. The villagers were at their wits end.

One day a holy man entered the village and observed what was going on. He laughed and said “I have another solution. Why don’t you try planting a banana plantation on the outskirts of the village and see what happens.”

The villagers followed his advice. And it worked. The monkeys were more interested in the delicious bananas and happily rested in the trees, leaving the villagers in peace.

The village was in peace because the monkeys no longer ran amuck. The monkeys also didn’t attack people.

If like those monkeys, our thoughts are allowed to run wildly.  They cause us a great deal of harm! We feel less than. We hurt ourselves and others!
Can you get your monkey mind in control and use your power for God?

You sit still, have thoughts and you focus on your heart.
That’s right. You still have thoughts and you breathe with your lungs.
And, you simply bring your attention to your heart.

Heart-focused breathing as the name implies has great emphasis on your heart. It was developed by an institute called HeartMath.

HeartMath tools, technology and training teach people to rely on the intelligence of their hearts in concert with their minds. Institute of HeartMath Research Center is a recognized global leader in emotional physiology, optimal function, resilience and stress-management research.

Heart-focused breathing is about directing your attention to the heart area and breathing a little more deeply than normal. As you breathe in, imagine you are doing so through your heart, and, as you breathe out, imagine it is through your heart. (In the beginning, placing your hand over your heart as you breathe can help you in directing your focus to your heart.)

Typically, HeartMath recommends that you breathe in about 5 to 6 seconds and breathe out 5 to 6 seconds. Be sure your breathing is smooth, unforced and comfortable. Although this is not difficult to do, It may take a little time to become used to it, but eventually you will establish your own natural rhythm.

Heart-focused breathing won’t take a lot of time out of your day, but it can add lots of benefits to your life. Many people find that heart-focused breathing is an excellent way to start and finish their days, but there are times in between when it is especially beneficial. Try it during a break on the job, at school or while working around the house.

There is no more important time for a few minutes of heart-focused breathing than when you feel your stress buttons being pushed. These vary from one person to the next, but some you may be familiar with include a late bus, train or even plane commute to work; a presentation, important meeting or performance review in the workplace; a big test at school; or a dreaded encounter with someone you’d rather avoid. You train yourself to stay connected to your heart through breathing and you have access to staying connected to “Be Still & Know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10 level thinking.

Dr Bruce Davis says,
Taking time to nurture the silence of our heart and new life is growing. We begin to be very present, including present with one another.
In the presence of our loved one, there is no limit to the wonder, appreciation, life’s simple being.”

What You Resist You Create a Force of Energy to allow it to Continue

You may have heard the expression “What you resist persists.” As long as you fight against the monkey mind you give it more energy and make it stronger. As long as you try to beat your thoughts away with sticks you make them bigger. As long as your monkey mind is given energy, it can hurt you and others.

Many think talking about what their mind thought in the past or talking about past experiences is the solution to the problem.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

It is a paradox that by trying to find correct thinking, monkey mind can push the solutions further away.

Dr. Lee, internal medicine specialist said, “I tried one therapy after another to find a solution to my depression, anxiety and unhappiness. Five years of standard care from college. Five years passed with little change in my life.  I was struggling and I almost lost my wife. I found, Dr. Larsen, I stopped focusing on the problem.  I learned how focusing on the problems only made it harder for my wife, staff and myself. Because, I understood, within  a short period of working with Dr. Larsen. My heart centered mind is my connection to God. My connection to stillness and thus God, brought my daughter, my wife and my life back to me! Now, I am a greater asset to everyone who is in my life!”

In my practice, as a Wholistic doctor, I have also seen people cured of lifelong physical challenge, habits and despair in a one-hour session simply through connecting with God and not the problem.

You can do this for yourself!

You are entitled to everything created by God because everything comes from God. It comes to you when you give everything to current moment with your center in place.
You become resourceful. You allow God to use you:

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life

Prayer of Saint Francis

Saint Francis gave up all.
He experienced “dying to self”.
He experienced, being born to eternal life!

So, what is the solution for you?

Through understanding your heart, focusing yourself in your heart your relationship with  your monkey mind changes and you become free of the influence of thinking randomly, jumping.

You are not broken… you are only distracted.

There is nothing to change and nothing to fix

…only something to Connect. Your heart connected to your mind. Your mind connected to laws of nature. Laws of nature connected to laws of God.


Sarah Larsen, MD is a Medical Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Public Speaker, and Business Consultant to high impact entrepreneurs and visionaries.
She is an Ordained Interfaith Minister from All Paths Universal Temple.

She is Host of Miracle Makers on UBN Radio/TV with co-host Greg Larsen.

Dr. Sarah’s education as a healer began with her grandmother in rural Pakistan. She received a degree as Medical Doctor from
Medical University of the Americas. Her approach to intuitive healing is described as merging ancient wisdom, modern science,
and God centered spirituality for optimal living and completion of your soul’s journey!

Dr. Sarah Larsen is a transformational teacher and guide who inspires and empowers you in living purposefully and powerfully.
Her work is featured on TV and Radio: Miracle Makers on UBN.

She is a world-class speaker, entrepreneur, and visionary whose work unites the world of business with essential wisdom of mind-body-spirit.


This article below this line is being written for you daily!
This article is a work in

Working title:
Energizing Your Abundance



10 Inspiring  Ideas, Insights, and Activations 

1. The White Crow Prophecy:

“The prophecy states that when the people become spiritual again the white raven will appear.”

white raven picture

And according to this legend, it will also be the end of the world (as we know it). Like the Phoenix that burns up then rises skyward out of the ashes a new bird.
This relates to the Bibles Tribulation, where according to the Bible “a New Heaven and a New Earth will appear out of the old heaven and the old earth”

2.The White Buffalo Prophecy:White Buffalo is a symbol of abundance and manifestation bringing the lesson that one does not have to struggle to survive.
It is representing the story of the Eagle and that Condor; that when they fly together North and South America are united as their energy moves together in unification.

3. We swim in the energy: “Who is this you having this journey?” What if you ried on the idea  “all our power, possibilities, and potentiality are infinitely spacious and timeless; that our work is to bring the power, possibilities, and potentiality into time and space through the vehicle of our body; that we swim in the energy of it all together.


  1.  Expand your idea of receiving: You are sacred and everything matters. Encouraging us to expand our ideas of receiving from just a few, such as parents, loved ones, close friends, or employers. “That we can receive from everyone everywhere, not just from those or that which is close to us. All we have to do is relax and let go, letting go of the limiting stories that hold us back.  We create with our bodies – embodiment allows us to create.”


  1. Everything is created for you:
    “In this theater of life everyone is working so hard to do things for us. How beautiful it is to have to help each other; together moving a car off of someone trapped underneath or even getting a massage are part of miracles.” “We ask and then receive.”the question, “How can you flow and reach out and share?”answer, “Use the sacred geometry of your voice to share your dreams with others.
    Move the energy, share what you are excited about.” “Life wants to do for us.”


  1. How would you receive from the universe if trusted you are loved and completely supported by the universe:

    Are you excited about a dream.Miracle Makers’ vision. “What if every child knew about the miracles at their fingertips?master teacher Deepak Chopra kindly inspiring us with the reminder that, “whatever we are desiring cannot be blocked by anyone but ourselves.” Adding, “We are on the next level of reality in humanity; Energy of Delight.”Our Bodies are garments! Our true Being is light!


7.Meeting your most abundant receiver:

Do  high-energy infusion into a guided meditation where he asked us to look into the future asking us, “What is there?” “What is it?” “What does it feel like?” Prompting with the questions, “What am I seeing?” What am I wearing? What are the details of my clothing, of my surroundings?” “What colors are there?”

Jack canfield story: Come as if 5 years in the future.

sharing their visions that were quite spectacular. The sharing was rich and robust inspiring us all. The energy in the room continually building, rising with each participants sharing.

8. Every need creates a possibility.  The greater the need, the greater the possibility: What if, “Every need requirement creates an amazing possibility and opportunity, and to receive requires something on our part.” It is through our response – ability to be open and receptive and to take action when we get the inspiration to do so.


  1. Energy amplification of our Giving:
    Our amazing high vibration evening together climaxed with a Heart Circle sharing, where we engaged in “gift giving” from the heart, which was the giving of things which we had received in abundance, and offering it forth as a gift offering to everyone in the circle.


Giving  precious and deep abiding love relationship


Another guest gave her abundance in the area of  her playful joy that she so abundantly received while playing with her grandchild. Another gave the abiding peace that surpasses all understanding that she had come to know and experience. Greg Larsen gave us rapid whimsical growth and ascension that he was so fortunate to have experienced from their family expansion of the arrival of four new puppies. Dr. Sarah gave an additional gift of constant, continual supply of resources, including the infinite supply of money and opulent gifts. Many gave gifts!

  1. Soul Abundance Group Healing:

As we bathed in the energy field of incredible, delectable abundance we closed out our circle by basking together in the energy.
We harnessed in silence for a few moments. We wrapped it all up so wonderfully by all putting our left foot forward toward our dreams and desires leaning in to heart field of love so palpable bringing with it big smiles, twinkling eyes, and ecstatic tears of joy. Ending in a heart filling group hug.


Wow! What an AMAZING evening!

Miracle Makers Class note summary
transcribed by Linda Lloyd
(work in progress for future articles by Dr. Sarah Larsen)