The Science of Your Energy Body

You as Energized as a Healthy Kid!

You are Energy and can feel extraordinary Energy

Your energy field and the concepts connected to your energy body have been studied in cultures such as Indian Vedic scripts, Tibetan Buddhist, and Chinese medical systems, in varying forms, stemming back thousands of years.

Everything connects via magnetic energy and is electrical energy.

All matter is held together via energetic bonds and consist of these atoms, of which most, is space. The movement of energy is vital to life. When we think, breathe, function or even when we are resting, electrical energy is flowing through our bodies via our neurones and nerve pathways.

Everything in your body operates because of ELECTRICITY.

From you reading this page, to a bird on a branch, to a rock in a creek, everything is made up of energetic interactions between atoms.


At the core of all matter lies the atom pictured below:




Common to all matter is the atom.It is the building block of life. Each atom has a positive (within the core/nucleus) and a negative (the spinning electrons) charge and subsequently each atom operates as a tiny little battery.

The Science of Your Energy Body:

When these charges are out of balance, an atom becomes either positively or negatively charged. The transfer between one type of charge to the other allows electrons to jump from one atom to another. This flow of electrons between one atom to another is what we call electricity.

Electricity and the flow of energy in your body is especially expressed in your nervous system.  Your nervous system is connected to all organs, tissue and processes within you.

The position of the major chakras corresponds to the major nerve plexus’ or nerve ‘bundles’.

Thousands of years later we are finding and 100s of scientific studies suggests how deeply your energy body is connected to everything inside and outside of your body!

Ancient wisdom and the latest research it is all connected too!

Overall there is an energy system exists within and surrounding the human body.

This system broadly speaks to us of a system of  energy flow from head to toe, with entry/exit points at both ends, and intermediate points of intake(charge) or discharge, principally along the spine as chakras(wheels of energy), but also flowing lines/channels/meridians which navigate the body and impact organs and processes of the physical, mental and emotional self.

This energetic self is accessed and explained in both Chinese medicine using techniques such as acupuncture, and by the Ayurvedic medical system of analysis and cure of the bodymind.

More Research suggests that all traditional cultures had a belief in the role of energy as part of their universe or cosmology. There is evidence from archaeologists, sociologists, psychologists such as Carl Jung, and researchers of mythology such as Joseph Campbell, and Eirec Mirce.

Religious tradition has the imagery and stories of halos around the heads and bodies of highly spiritually evolved figures in this tradition. For example, accounts of levitation witnessed of the Saint, Padre Pio, are harder to discount given their more recent occurrence, and multiple witness accounts. The acceptance of such supernatural phenomena would overturn our understanding of both the power of the human condition and our understanding of the laws of physics.

Well known for the study the human energy field are Wilhelm Reich (Reichan Psychology), Alexander Lowen(Bioenergetics), John Pierrakos  (Core Energetics), and Barbara Brennan, on the humanistic front.

Many schools have developed and are being developed just for you and your energy body!

Dr. Deepak Chopra has developed a school and has countless books on the subject!
He emphasizes in his work: The human body is merely pure energy, and our physical form should be viewed as the junction between the visible and invisible worlds of states of energy that are personally connected to us.

In his recent book, “Re-inventing The Body, Resurrecting the Soul”, he shares that our emotional energy has an immediate and visible effect on our body, our brain and our genes, even to the point of affecting our DNA structures.

He adds to our understanding, hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions and changes that occur at the cellular level in each of us are releasing energy, and foster a more energetic and flexible moving “body” of impermanence which is always in flux and reacts to our perception of the world.

The science of your energy body is now starting to become the focus of more research.

Video link is Dr. Sarah Larsen talking about your more subtle aspects of your human condition.

She discusses the nature of reality, resulting from advances in quantum physics, medicine, cellular biology, and the use of energy medicine to work with the physical body of your body-mind.

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