Useful Links

Useful Links



•  Alternative and Complementary Medicine Center•  American College for Advancement in Medicine

•  American Holistic Medical Association

•  American Institute for Cancer Research

•  Ask Dr. Andrew Weil

•  Centers for Disease Control

•  Cybernurse

•  Ferguson Report

•  Gary Null

•  Harborview’s EthnoMed Home Page

•  Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Resources

•  Health A to Z

•  Integrative Medical Arts

•  National Vaccine Information Center

•  Rosenthal Center Directory of Databases

•  Sumeria: Alternative Health & Medicine

•  AromaWeb•  Amateur Aromatherapy•  National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy
Ayurveda•  Ayurveda – An Important Source of Medicines•  Ayurveda: Medicine of the Gods

•  Ayurvedic Institute

•  National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine

•  CancerWEB: The Online Medical Dictionary•  The Moss Reports•  Richard and Linda Rosenthal Center for Complementary/Alternative Medicine

Environment, Conservation & Activism
•  Audubon Institute•  Bioneers•  Blacksmith Institute•

•  The Conservation Fund

•  Conservation International

•  Conservation and Preservation Charities of America

•  Earth Communications Office

•  Earthwalker

•  Environmental Working Group

•  International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

•  ENN, The Environmental News Network

•  International BioPark Foundation (IBF)

•  Leave No Trace

•  National Library for the Environment Online

•  Spirit of the Sage Council

•  Student Conservation Association

Flower Essences
•  Dr. Edward Bach Centre•  Flower Essence Society•  New Bach Flower Therapies

Government Sponsored Health Sites
•  CancerNet Search Service•  Centers for Disease Control (CDC)•  Combined Health Information Database•  FDA/Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition

•  Food & Nutrition Information Center (USDA)

•  National Institutes of Health (NIH) – includes links to MEDLINE, PubMed, etc.

•  National Library of Medicine

•  NIH Office of Alternative Medicine

•  Office of Human Research Protections

•  U.S. Food & Drug Administration

•  White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine

•  World Health Organization (WHO)

Herbology and Related Sites
•  Algy’s Herb Page•  Alternative Nature Home Page•  American Botanical Council•  American Herbalists Guild


•  Classical Works in Herbal Medicine

•  Culpepper’s Herbal – Yale

•  Dr. Duke’s Phytochemical & Ethonobotanical d-Bases

•  EthnoMedicinals

•  Frontier Cooperative Herbs

•  Garden Gate Glossary of Botanical Names

•  Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs

•  Henriette’s Herbal Homepage

•  Herbal Educational Services

•  Herb Research Foundation

•  Herbs and Aromas

•  Herb Society (UK) Home Page

•  Linpharma

•  The Longwood Herbal Taskforce

•  Magic Garden


•  Michael Moore’s Home Page

•  Michael Tierra’s Planetary Herbology

•  The Natural Pharmacist

•  North Carolina School of Pharmacy Student Project (1997)

•  United Plant Savers

•  University of Washington Medicinal Herb Garden


Homeopathy•  Healthy Living And Homeopathy•  Homeopathic Educational Services

•  Homeopathy For Health

•  Homeopathic Online Education

•  Homeopathic Self-Sufficiency

•  National Center for Homeopathy

•  North American Society of Homeopaths

•  International Iridology Practitioners Association

Massage, Reflexology & Touch Therapies
••  Acupressure: A Science of Life•  American Massage Therapy Association•  Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals

•  The Massage & Bodywork Resource Center

•  Association of Reflexologists

•  Modern Institute of Reflexology

•  Reflexology Research

•  Home of Reflexology

Mind – Body – Spirit
•  American Music Therapy Association (AMTA)•  Deepak Chopra•  Desktop Yoga by Ellen Serber•  Enchanted Mind

•  Guardian Project

•  Institute for the Scientific Study of Meditation

•  Internetyoga

•  Labyrinth Overview

•  The Labyrinth: Walking Your Spiritual Journey

•  Meditation – The Feldenkrais Method

•  The Meta Arts Magazine

•  Music Therapy Info Link

•  PsychoNeuroImmunology Research Society

•  World of Yoga

•  Yoga Finder

•  Yoga for Beginners

•  Zen Workshop

Modalities•  Alexander technique•  Bee Venom Therapy

•  Feldenkrais Guild of North America

•  Good News Network (Midwifery links)

•  Hellerwork Web Site

•  Orthomolecular Medicine Online

•  Oxygen & Ozone Therapies

Nutrition & Diet
• Vegetarian Cuisine•  American Dietetic Association•  Austin Nutritional Research•  All Raw Times

•  Beyond Vegetarianism

•  Body Mass Index Calculator

•  Body Positive

•  Eating Disorder Resources


•  Fruitarian Site

•  Healthy Gourmet Vegetarian Food Page

•  Macrobiotics Internet Resources

•  NIH Office of Dietary Supplements – ODS Databases

•  Nutrition and Supplements Internet Resources

•  Nutrient Information

•  Oldways

•  Raw Gourmet, The

•  Truth in Labeling Campaign



•  Vegemania!

•  Vegetarian Central

•  Vegie World

•  Vegging Out

•  Virtual Vegetarian

•  You Are What You Eat: A Guide to Good Nutrition

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