Rediscover Your It Factor with Madeline Sinclaire and Dr. Sarah Larsen

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Hail to another Miraculous Miracle Makers Monday. MMMM… Good!

To begin the food was off the charts. Divine Chef Linda Lloyd’s inspiration filled us with love and high energy with her raw food delights. raw noodles
Dr. Sarah lifted us into the field of possibilities with her divinely inspired words as she shared the wisdom, “the intention to create miracles creates miracles…. That anytime you shift and open to what is possible, what is possible shifts.
Here we step into our IT factor, which is the God within, our IT. When we are standing in our IT, miracles become embodied, and we amplify synergy all around us, which is also the field of manifestation of the miraculous.
Dr. Sarah, “Imagine the possibility for every young lady and a young man to find and know their IT Factor… Imagine the world where all children know their IT Factor.”  There have been many teachers such as Osho whose life was dedicated to helping people find their IT Factor. 
the sun
Tonight’s guest, Madeline Sinclaire, is another dedicated teacher whose primary focus is on inspiring and assisting in finding your IT through the avenue of dance. Madeline found her IT at the early age of three dancing down the street naked. Her parent’s disapproval and reprimand her.  The disapproval caused her discovery to shut away until she was able to rediscover her IT at age 34. In between, Madeline lived her life from a very repressed and shy adopted personality. She worked in the toy industry and although somewhat successful by ordinary terms; she was miserable in her need to be validated by her husband and bosses. 

After the painful breakup of her marriage, Madeline took a dance class to help lift her spirit. The dance class was Burlesque, and she was hooked from the very first class. As she latched on and began her journey of Self-validation her spirit soared and she reunited with that IT, she had discovered at age three. Madeline now is a professional Burlesque dancer and Transformational Life Coach assisting others with finding and maintaining their personal IT Factor through dance as a means of Self-discovery and personal empowerment.

Miracle Maker Madeline Sinclaire
Miracle Maker Madeline Sinclaire
Madeline led the group in a guided visioning where we imagined entering a crowded room. It might be a special occasion, a concert, or even a business meeting. We move into the room fully embodying our It Factor. All eyes turn to us, to IT, everyone noticing the dynamic energy of our IT. You know you are IT, and all eyes are on you. Then Madeline posed the question, “How did that experience feel, to have all eyes on you? All eyes noticing your IT?” The participants shared with a word: Divine, Powerful, Joyful, Abundant, Memorable, Lofty, Uncomfortable, Absolute Joy, Amazing.
Madeline shared some of her life experiences of growing up and her inner conflict of liking people to look and to see her as she simultaneously then didn’t want to be seen or have someone look at her. She shared with us how her childhood wounds of being shamed by running around naked had stifled her. Then she was motivated by getting paid to be and dance sexy, through her burlesque dancing her childhood wounds of being seen and getting yelled at were healed.
Madeline spoke of two different routes to your IT Factor. One route was through relationships, and the other through business. Either approach would lead to crossing over into the other. Knowing how we are valuable, and allowing ourselves to be available to anything else is standing in our IT. 
Then Madeline led us through a process of imagining bubbles of light all around us and inhaling those light bubbles into our bodies. With each breath, we breathed in the light and filled every part of the body. Then we shared our energy with each other in the room by partnering up and sharing our energy with our hands, changing partners every few minutes until we had shared with everyone.
Madeline led us in teaching us some dance moves. First, we learned lower body shimmy incorporating movements of our legs, hips, and buttocks. Next, we learned the upper body shimmy,  incorporating our arms and shoulders. We put it all together and shimmied our way into discovering a high vibration through this exciting and fun activity. Madeline explained how using these moves can shift our energy anytime. Also, she showed how to apply them to our everyday lives as a tool for upping our energy vibration and how that relates to our IT factor. Wow! Fun stuff!
A participant asked a question regarding welcoming unwanted advances or attention from strangers. Madeline then coached us on how to stand in our IT without having to compromise our safety or our confidence. How we can stand in our power, our sexy, without bringing in vulnerable negative energy. 
Dr. Sarah added to the conversation with how “water meets its level. If we stand in our energy, fully present we stay in vibrational resonance with Higher Self.”… “You must be available for things outside yourself for them to show up, or to have a place to land.” Then Dr. Sarah taught us how to build a bubble of energy around ourselves with eight pleasant high vibration memories, and dumping out any low vibration that is no longer desired. 

This lead to the most amazing experiential activity of the night, a blind faith exercise that rocked the house and blasted the roof of Duda Galley out into the far reaches of the cosmos. Each participant sat blindfolded as the women surrounding them came up one by one engaging them through sensual loving touch and whispering in their ear all the amazing and wonderful things that came to their mind. There are no words to express the depth of healing and inspiration felt by all. We laughed and cried tears of joy as each one of us was lifted into new dimensions of our Being. The Highest Self was palpable and it so beautifully mirrored Itself throughout the room.

We all invite you to come to the Sacred Space we create for each week for Miracles!

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