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37: Lisa Haisha on Do Your Passion and Change Your World

| March 18, 2017 | 0 Comments

What are the thoughts you’re thinking?  Your thoughts are a part of your vibration.

Join us and learn the thoughts of Lisa Haisha, Romulo Canizales, Greg Larsen, and Dr. Sarah Larsen.

Listen in and raise your vibration.

Your vibration, and how you are being, attracts your tribe.  If you are vibing in service and gratitude, then as you look around you will most likely see your tribe greater service.

Lisa Haisha on Miracle Makers

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21: Lisa Haisha and Tige Charity on Soul Blazing and Kids in the Spotlight

| August 3, 2016 | 0 Comments

Did you have a challenging childhood or suffer low self-esteem?  Are you looking for tools to help you heal the past and find inspiration and purpose in life?

Please join your hosts of the Miracle Makers Podcast and special guests Lisa Haisha of the The SoulBlazing™ Institute and Tige Charity of Kids in the Spotlight as they discuss the value of creative expression for transforming emotional pain and building self confidence!

Tige Charity and Lisa Haisha in studio!

Tige Charity and Lisa Haisha in studio!

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