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Self Love Summit – interview with Mia Saenz

| October 8, 2013 | 0 Comments

Self Love Summit: How to Align with the Divine, Grow Your Inner Child and Bring Clarity and Love to Your Life!

Dr. Sarah was a guest expert on self love for this unique summit of 21 experts.  Here is a description from the event:

What if you could look into the minds of successful people who know how to truly love themselves and in fact actually like themselves and feel amazing about who they are?  View how Experts have created a deep connection of respect to themselves and others; do you want to create such joyful bliss in your experience?

Having true self love is a learned trait, something we go back and teach ourselves how to do. Are you one who looks in the mirror and smiles because you like the person you are, or do you feel slightly uncomfortable?  Can you truly look at yourself and say you love yourself without pain or discomfort?

Enjoy the interview!