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Here is a guide to forgiveness and tips for how to forgive and let go of the past.

Nothing changes more consistently than how you remember your past.

We tend to remember the past based on how we reacted to things and leave out information that makes the story different.

78% of what we believe is untrue.

98% of our thoughts are automatic and for most of us they are mostly negative.

We are only conscious of about 2% of our thoughts.

Basically, there is a great deal of information being processed incorrectly and unconsciously.

Being more understanding and compassionate about the way we process allows for more space to release a lot of negative habits and shift toward more positive ones.

We have 4 billion bits of information that comes in to our space at any given moment, but we only have the mental ability to process 2000 bits.

Make a list of everyone who has ever harmed, betrayed, or hurt you in any way. Bring those instances to mind with the intention of forgiving each one.

With each ‘injury’ we forgive, we open that space of forgiveness for all others.

Sit with the image of whatever felt wronged to you and breathe through the image sending the wound to/through the heart. As you breathe through you will naturally begin to release/forgive.

If you react to situations in the present through the eyes of your past, you will repeat your experiences of suffering.

Real forgiveness is unconditional.

Sometimes we hold on to something out of fear of moving on.

It is actually a great gift to work through an uncomfortable situation.

If something is making you uncomfortable, it is a part of being on the growing edge of your learning/growing.

When you commit fully to working through your discomfort, you become energized by the truth of your efforts.

Here is The Heart-Math process for healing:

When you notice that you are thinking of a situation that is holding you, breathe that into your heart – set it ablaze with the fire of love naturally residing in your heart chakra. Tune in as fully as you can to the feeling space of that pain as well as the thoughts associated to it and as you breathe in you give it to the fire. As you breathe out, tune in to what you would like to feel- whether its peace, stillness, love, joy, connectedness to people, forgiveness, release…

Repeat this process over and over, until it dissolves. This letting go of the charge also allows you to let go of the bond/cord connecting you to the energy that upset you.

Tip: You can say welcome (or yes) to the discomfort over and over to help you move through it without it looping or over-engaging your mind.

All healing and suffering is about perspective. Breathing through your pain allows you to let go of the views you attached to the experience that brought forward the pain and either shift them to positive ones or dissolve them to neutral.

There are many personalities in your head with different roles. Sometimes when you make a promise to do something, it can’t be carried out until another part of you has shifted into alignment with the act. These differing parts of you don’t necessarily communicate with each other, hence you have to create an exploratory space using critical thinking, self-awareness, and your heart to find a solution. There are several different thinking parts of the brain. Some feel more emotion and some are more logical and unattached.

A part of you is tuned in to melting in with everything and being connected to all, and there’s a part of your brain that is tuned in to being very individual. When you let go of ‘stories’ you’re holding on to, more of your brain becomes accessible to you.

When you’re holding down a feeling, you are not allowing that note to be played and it finds a way to come out skewed and interferes with other parts of our brain.

Ask these questions to yourself about what you believe (in the moment). Write them down.

What do I believe about myself? Right now at this time? -This is what you’re aware of about yourself right now.

What do I believe about the world? -This is part of the unconscious blocks or bridges you have about connecting to Source/forgiveness.

What do I believe about …a person/others, situation? -This is part of what you created to let go of.

What we believe about things is truth about us because what we believe is our truth.

We are all a healing presence on earth, and by letting go of the beliefs we’re holding on to, we allow ourselves to connect to our purpose(s).

What you have, no one else has.

Critical Thinking is a powerful tool that helps people let go of false beliefs and come to conclusions in truth. A healthy skepticism will help you work toward truth. Develop your skills of discernment.

It takes 10,000 hours of doing something to become an expert at it. All of us, as adults have spent 10,000 hours thinking about something.

How much of it is along the lines of – What hurts me? How do I protect myself? vs. How do I expand the joy in my life?

We are creating our realities with what we spend our time focusing on. Our heart projects information 16 feet out in all directions from us informing the universe what we’ve ‘decided’ to see/have/experience.
Recognize that whatever you value has value! Forgive yourself for judging that it may not be interesting to others.


The world is hungry for what you have to share. There is an audience for all forms of thinking.

The universe is unconditionally evolving and everything that arises is there for a reason.

It is a miracle that we have enough food and that we live with such access to so much…

When you hold on to what somebody else said or did, it is a way of holding yourself back from your potential or greatness.

Part of that holding back was taught to you and part is you holding back because the whole word has it and when you heal it for yourself you open a greater space for healing it for the world. This space grows larger and stronger exponentially as more people heal it.


When you’re in a space of not feeling that you’re in flow or grace, stop and ask yourself ‘What is bothering me?’ ‘Why am I so upset?’ ‘Whom or what do I need to forgive or accept?’ Part of what we need to forgive is that humanity is vulnerable, can hurt or be hurt.

Forgive yourself for losing sight of your immortal self.

This body can regenerate itself with every thought and every breath. There are people and evidence of reverse aging.

The 4 steps of forgiveness:

1. Feel/express the hurt.

2. See the other person’s point of view

3. Establish new trust -reconfigure expectations/agreements

4. Let it go -breathing exercise


a. Decide to forgive

b. Express the energies and feelings -let it move out, clarify further

c. Look at the good -what good is going to come out of forgiving

d. Give it to the world -taking on that what you’re doing affects everything

Ask self what belief within me formed the experience and surrender to the answers. Picture your perfect peace.

Close your eyes, connect to your inner-self and invite the part of yourself that is ready for forgiveness and to change perspective to come forward and share whatever it has to express.

Let yourself forgive.

Why I choose to Forgive


Forgiveness allows you to become the highest version of a human being you can achieve.

Most of our blocks and issues stem from not forgiving in some way or another.

Forgiving is letting go.

When we walk around with any form of blame, shame, resentment, anger or other withholding judgment it is like pushing down on a part of our energy system. Energy, however, needs to express itself and pushes out wherever it finds a way. This can lead to many different illnesses or ailments.

Forgiving allows energy to flow again which restores health and our natural balance.


To forgive is an act of love for yourself.

It is to surrender all feelings of revenge, repayment, retaliation, or the desire to pardon.

Forgiveness is not about allowing dishonesty, or violence.

It is about equanimity with life.

Meaning: mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.

It is possible to understand a truly painful event as something happening “for” you rather than to you.

Being able to forgive begins with understanding “BLAME”.

Blame is giving emotional power over to something outside yourself so you don’t have to fully face/acknowledge it.

It is giving up responsibility for your emotions.

The second you blame someone/thing, you are giving up power to the target of your blame.

Blaming means you see the other as stronger and more capable than you!

You never truly blame a child or someone you think is weaker than you!

When you think someone could have been something other than what they were, you create resentment inside yourself!

Resentment is about re-creating a negative feeling. It is like re-sending what it me(a)nt to you back out into the universe.

Keeping resentment interferes with moving forward or toward anything new.

There is benefit for any resentments or blame.

It is displaced pain.

You are completely responsible for all of your experiences of emotion.

Forgiveness releases locked up energy in your body and the cords that connect to the source of their formation.

As you let go, space opens up inside and is filled with the next energetic level for you to work on.


I have a remarkable process I do in sessions that gets you through this process quickly!

Dr. Sarah