Is your life happening to you?
Or is your life happening for you?

Most will choose to struggle!
Not those that choose to join!
Those that join connect to Nature and a higher Law! Natures Law!

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr

Politics, Science, and Religion agree the Moon affects you!

Divine Alignment Activation
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Are you ready to receive a phone call out of the blue, or bump into someone that leads you a dream opportunity, a new relationship, or idea that totally changes your life? Are you ready to get new abilities? Are you ready to know yourself?

Miracle Makers call this your Miracle Frequency. It is always within you connected to natural law. It is available to line up that person to be right there, at that exact moment, in your path. You have access to Divine Alignment: the arrangement of coincidences into a pattern of alignment so astonishing could have come only from a higher source. It can help you understand everything!

In this activation, you’ll know how you can navigate life’s thorniest hurdles, rediscover the deep meaning and impact of personal prayer, and develop your conviction and wherewithal it takes to reach your full potential.
You’ll fulfill your most ambitious dreams by group activation of these seven easy-to-follow steps together.

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Dr. Sarah started From Here

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We are an online family of highly dedicated and like-minded individuals. Un-dogmatic, unassuming, and very accepting, we evolve together. We create opportunities to bring out the best in you, others, and our world! We study ancient wisdom while accepting modern science and harness Miracle Making Energy to embody LOVE and create opportunites for ourself and others!
Oneness, Wholeness, and Freedom What Does it Mean to Be a Miracle Maker?
Miracle Makers believe that you are the key to our world being able to realize itself. One heartfelt person at a time being awoken to their own frequency is our intention! Miracle Makers Academy is one part discovering who you truly are, another part activating the vital forces within your body (you are one thought away from having more energy), the third part is having a community that supports you, and the fourth part is having all of the resources to realize your mission! Imagine every part of you and your life lifted up in joy, contribution, and love to heal you on your hero’s journey! All wounds do not heal with time and you are an important aspect of bringing forth the elixir of life that is placed within your heart! You are able to be what your intention is to be in this lifetime! Together we go from one dimensional thinking into your creative-energy-flow thinking! We have been preparing ourselves for you to join us! You may have been asking for something like this and here it is! This academy, founded by Greg and Dr. Sarah Larsen, believes we are all equal individuals and highly sensitive creatives that love to give, serve and grow. Click here to learn:


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