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Find Answers to Your Most Troubling Questions with Palm Reading
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Palm reading is an ancient and tested tool for offering clear, personalized guidance for your journey.

Are you searching for answers to your most troubling questions regarding your health, relationships, finances, or life purpose?  Are you struggling to connect with your own inner guidance and the wisdom of your body?

As a gifted palm reader, medical intuitive, and medium, Dr. Sarah Larsen uses the wisdom of palmistry as a tool to peer into your past, present, and future – and offer intuitive guidance to answer your most pressing questions and concerns.

Palm reading can help you determine where you are experiencing both success and resistance in relationship to your Life Purpose and Life Lessons right now.

Dr. Sarah teaches a popular class on “How to Read Palms.” Watch now to learn about your palm!

Topics covered in this class include (click title to watch the video):

Romance, Sexual Partners, and Emotional Attachments

How to Tell If Someone is Honest

Health Lines, Skin Texture, and Nails

The History and Science of Palm Reading

The Active and Passive Parts of Your Hands and Fingers

Life Line, Head Line, Heart / Love Line

Here are some example palm readings from a class Dr. Sarah teaches on “How to Read Palms.”

Sample #1 (over 250,000 views)

Sample #2

What Can I Learn in a Palm Reading with Dr. Sarah?

Your fingerprints and the lines on your palms reveal key areas of information:

  • Your fingerprints reveal your Life Purpose (your area of greatest potential and fulfillment) and your Life Lesson (your ‘shadow’ self seeking conscious awareness in order for your Life Purpose to manifest)
  • Your fingerprints formed when you were in utero between the 14th and 16th week of development and do not change
  • Your fingerprints are an energy wave imprint of your soul’s assignment: what you are here on Earth to learn in order to manifest your life purpose
  • Identical twins have different fingerprints – fingerprints are not based entirely upon DNA
  • Scientific discoveries in the last 100 years reveal that the lines on your hands are a map of the major neural pathways of your brain – lines can change
  • The lines in your palms reveal your unique style of feeling, thinking, behaving,and communicating as well as your special gifts (such as writing, healing or teaching), your career path and your physical stamina level

Questions People Have Asked During a Palm Reading:

Here is a small sampling of questions asked during a palm reading:The lines of your palm

  • What do I need to do to become a vibrational match for an amazing relationship?
  • How can I transition from my current job that I hate to the one I really want?
  • What am I missing that my Higher Self really wants me to know?
  • Why can’t I lose weight and what can I do to get the body I want?
  • What is my life purpose? Why am I here?
  • How can I help my brother with his addiction?
  • How can I earn more money and get out of debt?
  • Should I stay in this relationship or leave?
  • Should I move and if so, where?
  • How can I get more clients for my coaching business?
  • How can I get over my depression?
  • What college major is going to work out best for me?

What are your pressing questions? What do you want to know?

Why get a palm reading with Dr. Sarah?

  • Know your Life Purpose and live it
  • Know your Life Lesson and learn from it
  • Create financial security by living your Life Purpose
  • Manifest specific dreams and goals
  • Understand your career path and how to walk it
  • Understand your relationship issues and heal them
  • Know your body’s stamina level and maintain it
  • Discover greater compassion for yourself and others
  • Deepen your spiritual connection and discover grace
  • Increase your intuition and self-confidence

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Palm Reading options:

The Secrets in Your Hand (half hour)

This consultation will provide you with a complete analysis of the major lines of your palms – your Life Line, Head Line (Career/Mentality), Heart Line, and Fate Line. The shape of your hand will be accessed to reveal your personality profile and to get you started on understanding the key insights for your transformation.

Longer Look at The Secrets in Your Hands (Full Hour)

We will dig deeply into the secrets of your life purpose, life lesson, and relationship patterns from the hundreds of lines in your hands and fingerprints. In this session you will meet your core essence. You can use this discovery to take steps towards aligning with your own Life Purpose. Plus, we will investigate your special markings and work together to create a unique Soul Mission Statement incorporating your Life Purpose and Life Lessons.


“Sarah brought light to my mind and life. And has shown me my way, I always will be very thankful to her. Now I am writing this testimonial for thanking her and encouraging you. That you be as happy as me, what are you waiting for?”
~Gorka Oscoz Ocio: Vice President, PROHEALT S. L.  Spain

“Dr. Sarah Larsen is an amazing intuitive life coach palm reader and healer! She is precise caring compassionate and tuned in directly to source force.”
~Tiffany Silver :  Author & International speaker, Transformational Healer and Featured Contributor – Huffington Post

“Your reading inspired me so much that I started focusing on using my healing abilities….Last night the opportunity arose and I’m going to become a practitioner of Theta Healing now!”
~Romon Govea Gomez: Story Producer, Junto Venture Productions

“It has been life transforming, a miracle really, I call her a my psychic doctor. Working with Dr. Sarah is better than winning the lottery.”
~Yvette Momet 

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“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be of service.

I’m so excited to meet the Genius in you!”

~ Dr. Sarah

Sarah Larsen M.D. is a premier provider of experiences, education, teacher training, and products that improve the health and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. She provides an integrative approach to improving your health, relationships, wealth, and happiness.

These consciousness based teachings are grounded in the ancient sciences of traditional Indian, Egyptian, and Chinese Medicine. Combined with cutting edge research and modern western medicine, they serve as the foundation for Dr. Larsen’s remarkable results with her students and private clients!