Flower of Life Sacred Ceremony | Osireion | Temple of Seti I at Abydos

The Flower of Life Sacred Ceremony! Please join Dr. Sarah Larsen for a sacred ceremony on the stairs of The Osireon (or Osirion) at the Temple of Seti I in Abydos, Egypt!  The Osireon was a deeply sacred temple for ancient Egyptians and a place of pilgrimage for thousands and thousands of years!

You are the best of everything you are standing on right now (all your ancestors, our ancestors, and what they passed down)… so give gratitude to everything that came before us!

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We then continue north to the temple at Abydos, dedicated to Osiris and housing the nine great beings (the Ennead). This temple rests next to and above the most ancient Osirion, one of the premier power places on the planet. It includes a more recent temple built by Seti I, which contains the most beautiful base relief of any temple in Egypt.

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